the birth of the orange blooded 미꾸라지 ^^
this priceless aegyo of our 4D CEO : )))
your existence makes me smile once in a while. yes i just want you to know. :”) and YES, he is my bias. 

this priceless aegyo of our 4D CEO : )))

your existence makes me smile once in a while. yes i just want you to know. :”) and YES, he is my bias.



i know, the gravity of our bed might be a little bit more stronger than yesterday but yes, it’s time to get up.. take shower aaand hell yeah! have a cup of coffee and be an awesome ORANGE PRINCESS ☕

S U P E R L O V E ~ that effortless Eric Mun exotic charisma.

okaaay.. if my morning will start with Eric Oppa’s killer nose-cringe-smirk following with this spoon-feeding ceremony with my rice topped with a spam on it..

GAAAHHH. i’ll break up with my diet! :)))

how can i even resist this charm? this.. exotic charisma kekeke

Discovery Of Romance Episode 13 Teaser: can be considered as one of the longest 40 seconds of my life. Excited. Overwhelmed. Dying.


E-R-I-C I got to love you no one else above you 24/7 always thinkin’ of you
Spread your wings, fly higher than the clouds
Higher baby, Let’s fly, touch the sky
No doubt that you’re one of a kind,
Now let’s ride to the moon we can own the night
Empty your heart and I’ll blow your mind

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Summary: The best thing that made this episode so special to me is Yoon Sol’s revelation of being a Kang Tae Ha + Han Yeo Reum Shipper :3

“Do you know what it is that I’m most upset and confused about? I… really wanted you guys to work out. Do you know why? ‘And they lived happily ever after.’ That’s just fake. You only see that in fairy tales. But I wanted a different ending for the two of you.  ‘They fought, argued, misunderstood, were doubtful, and disappointed each other. But despite all that, they fought hard together to remain happy and in love.’ That’s the ending I wanted.”

“And by the example you two led, I wanted to find the real kind of love instead of what you read in fairy tales. The real kind I could really believe in. The kind of love that I could dream about.” – Yoon Sol

And by this I would say, Discovery of Romance is by far the most realistic drama that I’ve watched.

No mainstream clichés but only appropriate natural reactions of the characters upon the twists of destiny and love. Totally unpredictable. This drama gives me the feeling that I am with them, trying to discover romance as well. ^_^

that moment when you know that the end is near.. and you cannot do anything.. omooo~ DoR.. i will miss you ~ Kang Tae Ha Ssi ❤

that moment when you know that the end is near.. and you cannot do anything.. omooo~ DoR.. i will miss you ~ Kang Tae Ha Ssi 

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Summary – now, I am certain that my GiFing skill is officially damaged by this drama. T_T

I thought I’ve been through the worst when Episode 10 ended with a KTH break-up version but wait there’s more. There is this MOST REALISTIC pain of moving on. Gaaah. The situations, the scenes, the script everything justified the lingering feelings that needed to be erased but somehow that can’t just happen overnight.


“I think you’ll know who is the weak and who is the strong one when the relationship ends. The one who liked the most is the stronger person. Because they have nothing to lose. I only received love and all there is left are regrets and feelings. If that happens you’ll never be able to forget that person for the rest of your life.”KTH

“I want you to be happy too but why do you keep looking for me? Go and live your life. Why do you keep looking for me? IF YOU KEEP LOOKING FOR ME LIKE THAT… I’LL… start to wait for you.” – HYR


DoR ~ missing these cheerful KTH cuts.. 

Oh this cotton candy moments.. 

i can’t believe it’s been 12 episodes already.. 

when you are no longer in control of yourself because you are too immersed on winning back your long lost love..

omooo~ Kang Tae Ha Ssi himnaeyo! kekeke

Kang Tae Ha’s Defeat ^^

when his crush calls him to come to her.. Kang Tae Ha goes like..


he will do his best to regain his pride by doing a harsh self hypnotize that



he will be sooo determined not lose his pride over his crush.. LOL!


but in the end.. this GUY will rush to her and suffer that humiliation of defeat against his heart.. :)))


thinking Eric Oppa is like this in real life.. omooo~

so hopeless romantic eh?

will someone tell me how to live? :)))

YES Kang Tae Ha.. you’re really good when it comes to provoking someone.. LOL and seriously that character has a talent on pushing other people’s temper button..

but yes.. these faces.. i’ve seen them before.. specially when.. hmm.. when.. Eric Oppa’s using them on Hyesung Oppa?

oh no. scratch that. LOL ~ just one RicSyung Shipper here.. missing their push-and-pull BESTFRIEND or should i say neighbor relationship.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

just because i find our Alien Oppa’s car monologues cute and funny :3

let’s try to go back re-watch those scenes where he is admitting to himself that he never said ~ILOVEYOU and when he had that excited face because NHJ got caught by HYR cheating on her.. :))))

oh so mean but.. really? why so handsome?

because i can’t let go of this scene that easily..

seeing that teary-eyed smirk.. my heart sank to its deepest for the first time in forever.. i guess..

excruciating Oppa.. why put on a smirk when it is painful? T_T

DoR i appreciate every single scene..