the birth of the orange blooded 미꾸라지 ^^
that’s what i’ve realized while i am GiFing this scene :)))


that’s what i’ve realized while i am GiFing this scene :)))

so near yet so far.. that moment when you can only look from a distance..

Discovery of Romance visualizes it so well.. that one-sided affection..

having a crush on someone is really not an easy thing to handle and you can feel all your cells going crazy just to grab those chances of having even just a glimpse of that person.. that desperate feeling which makes your heart raise so fast.. almost exhausting all your reserved adrenaline..

the feels.. >.<

that teary-eyed smirk.. that piercing gaze.. that slow-motion blink..

OK. i died. i just can’t. how?

exotic charisma = EricMun

LOL. amused much Kang Tae Ha? seeing HYR and NHJ havin’ a love quarrel makes him so happy that he can’t even hide it. :))))

this crush kind of thing.. :))) i never imagined i’ll see your pretty face doing that kind of crush confession while lying on a fetal-position.. so cute Eric Oppa..

this exotic charisma that kills me over and over again..

Oh Eric Oppa what should i do?

Let’s all continue to support Discovery of Romance until the end :”)

Discovery of Romance Episode 8 Summary ~ Let’s see where this crush of Kang Tae Ha will lead him. :”)

When I was dating you, I thought love was a matter of feelings. When I thought about it after we broke up it was a matter of will power. Not ‘how much I like this person’ it’s a matter of ‘how much I want to keep this love’. – HYR [the feels stabs me so hard]

We only had feelings of love, but didn’t know how to love. We didn’t know how to keep it. That’s how we were. – HYR

~maybe this time? KTH would know how to and have the WILL POWER to FIGHT for you and KEEP your love :”) with all that he cannot even fight over with his pride :))) losing your pride on someone you love does not always mean defeat Kang Tae Ha Ssi.

Hmm.. and at last an interview segment for Ahn Ah Rim ^^

whenever someone is asking me where my fan pride for SHINHWA is coming from, i will always show them this. : )))

YES.. do i need to say more? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*we live for thiiis LOVE ♥*

Discovery of Romance Episode 7 Summary ~ Yes this is when Kang Tae Ha said with full confidence that he is a lucky guy and Han Yeo Rum abruptly changed their serious topic with the epic “Can you smell something burning?” question. LOL [dear writer, why so brilliant with that troll?] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And here goes our characters explaining the difference between the words LIKE and LOVE. Thank you for clearing that up. Jjang!

This reinvestigation of the present boyfriend, that fetal-position while confessing his “crush” on HYR, those scenes when he cannot resist that push and pull situation. Yes, he does not want his pride to get trampled on BUT!  There he goes following her all along. POSSESSED by LVE? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

With the ending of an amused KTH with the love quarrel between HYR and NHJ, I can’t ask for more. But let me just say it one more time.


+ i am totally shipping Do JunHo and Yoon Sol

this man says that he won’t die.. YES angrily munching his food while saying he WILL NEVER DIE FOR LOVE..

oh so cute Eric Oppa.. :))))

really! OMG. this concept of face-phone scenes are making my day better.. i always try to think how our Eric Oppa will look like if he is directly going to react randomly in front of me like FACE TO FACE!!!

these clips that they are producing are really a good way of providing awesome fan service..


i know.. i’ve cried a lot with Discovery of Romance Episode 05 and yes.. this one made me feel so desperate.. that drunk mail that was never delivered to Han Yeo Reum..

and the pain of knowing it by yourself that you did tried to do whatever you can do but.. the odds are not with you..


It’s Strange, With You (묘해, 너와) ~DoR OST

I have so much fun thinking of you
But I get really lonely thinking of you
It’s a strange thing to like someone

An evening with nothing much going on
I’m walking in front of my house because the night air was good
But suddenly, I miss you

It’s so strange, love
You get lonely because you like someone
What is happening?
My heart isn’t like my heart at all
What do I do now?
All my time, all my space
Everything around me is only you, it’s strange

I miss you, it’s weird
It’s weird so I miss you
Then I get really nervous

Nothing is wrong
But I tear up at the sunlight
Then I feel better by talking to you on the phone

It’s so strange, love
You get thankful because you’re hurting
You feel proud that you’re thankful
What is happening?
That path is not that path at all
It’s strange like going on a trip without planning
So I want to go once more with you

When I’m looking at you like this
How can I explain this? I’m happy but scared at the same time

It’s so strange, love
You get lonely because you like someone
What is happening?
My heart isn’t like my heart at all
What do I do now?
All my time, all my space
Everything around me is only you, it’s strange
So I want to go once more with you

by: Acoustic Collabo

because i can’t help that Super Rookie Flashback scene when i saw Eric Oppa trying to use his cellphone as a mirror during this DoR episode.. :)))

let me have this face transformation GiF set:

Kang Ho Vesion aspiring Kang Tae Ha look alike :)))


Kang Tae Ha’s Regretful Drunk Confession T_T

I like you, Han Yeo Reum!

I’ve started to like you again. I mean it.
I think I’ll regret it when I sober up tomorrow morning.
But I am drunk now.. so I think it’s better to say it now.

There is something that I realized.
I thought I liked you in the past…It was all fake.FAKE.
Because.. it didn’t hurt like this before.
It wasn’t as intense in the past… And it wasn’t as desperate…
And it wasn’t as painful either.

No matter how many times you told me you were in pain.. I couldn’t understand you.
But.. now I know…
The one who likes more is in pain.
Now i am going through it, this is complete hell.It’s hell.